Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer with Zinc Oxide Sunscreen


The number of people diagnosed with various types of skin cancer continues to be a serious concern. Enjoying time in the sun, going to the beach or the pool, or just working outside can expose you to high levels of UV rays. It is important to do all you can to reduce the risk of skin cancer by using a safe sunscreen.

The regular use of zinc oxide sunscreen plays an important role in that process when it comes to protecting your skin. The medical care and treatment for skin cancer can be invasive and it can be very expensive. There can be side effects from medications and treatments. Not everyone will recover either and that means a poor quality of life or a life cut short. Using daily sunscreen that is made with zinc oxide is the best sunblock for your skin.

Get into the Habit of Applying Healthy Sunscreen

Parents are responsible for their children, and to teach them good habits. Get into the habit of always having the best sunscreen available for them to use. Limit the amount of time they are able to spend in the sunlight. When outside for extended periods of time they should have long sleeves and a hat to help protect them.

However, zinc oxide sunscreen isn’t just for children, it should be used by adults too. Set a good example and apply it so your children know you mean business with it. Don’t forget, it should be applied about 30 minutes before an outdoor activity. You can’t just put it on and then go right outside so plan ahead. You also have to remember to reapply it every few hours. This includes the water resistant products out there.

Natural sunscreen can be used on children 6 months of age and older. It isn’t recommended to use such products on them at a younger age. This is because they shouldn’t be exposed to the sunlight for any period of time at such an age. Keep a large brimmed hat on them or a blanket over a stroller to block out the harmful UV rays when you do need to have them outdoors at an earlier age.

Quality Matters with Sunscreen Lotions

Not all sunscreen products work the same or have the same ingredients in them. You may have a false sense of protection with what you are using. Take the time to learn about the provider, their reputation, and the rating of the product. Read the label to learn about the ingredients so you know what you really get. Some of them are really watered down while others offer you a great product to protect the skin from cancer and other harmful elements of UV rays.

Always shake up the bottle before you apply so the ingredients are well mixed. You also need to adhere to expiration dates so you don’t use a product that has started to lose its overall value. Spending a bit more for a quality product is worth it because of what it will offer you with levels of protection. A product with a moisturizer, zinc oxide and titanium in it will help the skin stay hydrated and looking radiant. Some natural sunblocks are tinted sunscreens and can be used a primer beneath your makeup.

Look at more than just the SPF levels on the bottle when searching or healthier sunscreens. They can be misleading in terms of what they offer to you. Always adhere to the usage information on the bottle for the best results from that product. Typically, the higher the SPF the more of the UV rays it will protect your skin from.

Individuals who are fair skinned and children should be using sunscreen with higher SPF levels. Those with fair skin tend to burn easily and the right of cancer increases when a person suffers from a sunburn, especially if blistering or peeling result as the skin heals. It is never too early or too late to get into the habit of wearing daily sunscreen that is natural!


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